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FAQs for MycroBurst Designers

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Are You a Designer? Please read the important information below:

  • New Designers
  • Designer Verification Process
  • How can I use My Widget?
  • What information/documents are required to sign up as a designer?
  • What fees do I have to pay, as a designer?


  • Design Projects
  • Read the Creative Brief!
  • Submit your Designs!
  • Communicate
  • How to Submit a Design
  • Web Design Quality Control Checklist
  • Clipart – Don't Use It!
  • Stock Images / Stock Photos – Don't Use It!
  • MycroBurst Policy Regarding Stock Images and/or Clipart
  • Stationery designs – bleeds or no bleeds?
  • Am I obligated to make revisions to a design once a project is completed?
  • Can the project holder ask me for a copy of my entry before the project ends?
  • What happens to my entries if a project is refunded?
  • What is a Guaranteed Project?
  • Payment Schedule
  • Can you contact a Project Holder directly during a project?
  • How do I make revisions after a contest is locked if contacted by a contest holder?
  • What if the project is expedited?
  • How do donations work?
  • If I receive a donation am I obligated to send the files?
  • How can I send large source files?


  • Design Violations
  • What if another designer uses my design?
  • What is warning/trademark points and designer ban policy?
  • What do I do if I see another designer has taken a concept I've seen before?


  • Winnings & Payment
  • If you are the Winning Designer…
  • Do I have to send a W-9? What is a W-9?
  • How do I get paid and Payment Methods?
  • How do I know I'll get paid after transferring the copyright?
  • Source Files Requirement for a Winning Design
  • Processing Fees

FAQs for MycroBurst Clients

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