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FAQs for MycroBurst Clients

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Interested in hosting a project(s) on MycroBurst? Please read the following guidelines carefully

  • Design Contest
  • How do I run a successful design project ?
  • What is a "Guaranteed" project? Why should I guarantee my project?
  • How do I unveil my contest and what is the cost of doing it?
  • What is the "Top Blog Advertising and Email Blast"?
  • Why would I need to make my contest Private?
  • How do I make a contest Private?
  • Can I make my project private after it is already launched / closed?
  • What if I need my designs right away?
  • How do I "Expedite" a contest?
  • How long does a project last?
  • Can I extend my project?
  • What if I want to change my creative brief after I start my contest?
  • How many designs will I be able to choose from?
  • How can I increase the number of drafts I receive?
  • How can I select additional winners?
  • What is a Donation?
  • How can I award a donation to a designer?
  • How can I Cancel a Project?
  • What is the Refund Policy?
  • How much do different types of design contests cost on MycroBurst?
  • Are there any additional services or upgrades that I can use to improve/promote my design contest?
  • Why should I buy a package?
  • What does a website design contest include?
  • What fees will I be charged when starting a project?
  • What methods of payments are accepted at
  • What is the money back guarantee and how does it work?
  • What if I am dissatisfied with the design entries submitted to my project?
  • What happens if I do not choose a winner?
  • Is there a limit to the number of drafts I can receive?
  • What if I like more than one design?
  • Can I increase the prize amount after I start a contest?
  • How do I select a Winner?
  • How much time do I have to select a winner?
  • Can I make revisions to a logo after the project is complete?
  • How do I start the revision process, when a project is complete?
  • How do I get my design files?
  • What type of files will I receive?
  • What do these different file formats mean? When do I use them?
  • How can I contact a designer?
  • Can I work with a designer after a project is complete?
  • Will I have trademark rights?
  • How do I report a trademark issue or a copied design?
  • Will I be able to Trademark the design?
  • How can I use ClientShare?
  • How can I be informed about special promotions?
  • How does a design project work?
  • Do you offer packages?


  • Upgrade
  • Upgrades are add-ons that you can purchase to help your project's success. Some are aimed at designers, thus helping to increase the number of designs you receive, and some are here to help protect your project‘s privacy. Here is the full list of upgrades that you can add to your project:
  • What happens if I do not "Guarantee" my project?
  • How do I make a contest "Guaranteed" after I start a contest?
  • What is a "Private" project?
  • What is a Veiled Project?
  • What is a "Featured Listing"?
  • How do I "Feature" a project? Why should I feature my project?

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FAQs for MycroBurst Designers