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How It Works

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How does work? It's easy!

Do you need a logo? How about a website? Whatever design you need, we've got it!
MycroBurst also offers Design Packages, which can save you time and money. If you need to run several contests, you will only pay the listing and upgrades fees once!

Effective December 1st, 2011, all MycroBurst projects will be Veiled by default. This will help to improve the quantity and quality of your design concepts. Click here to learn more about Veiled Projects.

Step 1: Start a Project

Click the "Start a Project" button and choose your project type.

Only 5 minutes to get started!

Step 2: Name Your Own Price!

While there is a minimum prize amount per project type, the larger you set your prize the more designs you will receive!

MycroBurst offers a variety of premium upgrade services to feature your contest, expedite it, guarantee it and more. Aside from your prize amount and any upgrades you may choose, the only other cost to you is our 20% fee. This fee covers all fees associated with processing payments and listing a project. When you have finished, click "Fill Creative Brief" to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Fill Out Your Creative Brief

This is where you tell our design community what you need.

The creative brief is used by our designers as a guide, it asks a series of questions to gather the information used to create your unique designs! Feel free to include URLs (including your own) and images you may want to use as inspiration – the more information the better. Don’t be afraid to mention what you don’t want to see as well!

The Creative Brief
For more information check out the MycroTip video, "The Creative Brief."

When you have finished, click on "Confirm Brief." After you confirm and fill out your payment information, your project is live!

Step 4: Give Feedback to the Designers

Our designers, many of which are international, will submit design concepts to your project and compete for your prize.Your job is to:

  • Invite designers you'd like to participate in your project.
  • Rate the designs using the star rating system.
  • Give feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the project.
  • Answer private messages designers may have sent to you.

Visit our Successful Project page to learn how to run the best contest.

Star Ratings & Eliminate Options
Check out the MycroTip video, "Star Ratings & Eliminate Options," to learn about start rating your designs. This video also explains how and when to eliminate designs.

General Comments
Watch the MycroTip video, "General Comments," to understand now to use this section of your project.

Private Messaging
View the MycroTip video,"Private Messaging." for more information about our private messaging system.

The more you communicate with the designers, the better your contest will be!

Step 5: Choose Your Winning Design

Once your design contest is over, you have 7 days to choose the winning design. The winning designer will send their design files to MycroBurst and the trademark rights will be released to you.

Choose a Winner and Finalize Your Project!
Watch this MycroTip Video for instruction to select your winning design and finalizing your project.

After we approve the proper files have been sent and formatted, we will forward them on to you. We will also transfer your contest reward to the winning designer!

Now What?

The winning design is yours!
MycroBurst is here to help you continue to expand your brand! Here are just a few ways we'd love to assist you:

  • Be sure your business stands out with professional stationery.
  • Let MycroBurst help to complete your online presence by creating a custom website template, banner ad, blog template and more.
  • Allow your brand to go the distance! Create t-shirts, e-book covers, car wraps and more at MycroBurst!

Only 5 minutes to get started!

Guide to a Successful Design Project

FAQs for MycroBurst Designers

FAQs for MycroBurst Clients