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Design Brief

for project ESPheld by ALesp


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A Logo, Monogram, or Icon | Created by ALesp

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Creative Brief




  esp or esp IT (need lower case esp please).


  Placing People First




  ESP is an IT staffing firm passionate about helping IT candidates advance their careers and helping our clients find their greatest asset: new employees. We provide consulting, contract-to-hire, and permanent placements in the IT market. Our target area is the Minnesota IT market, clients with small-mid- sized IT departments and IT professionals with 3-15 years’ IT experience (although we also work with higher level IT professionals and larger companies).

ESP was founded in 1968 and stood for electronic systems personnel; the name is long gone due to the changed terminology now used for IT; however for brand identity we have kept ‘esp’ over the years (always in lower case in our logo).


  Information Technology


  Logo Type
Abstract Mark
Web 2.0


Industry Oriented
High Tech


  We’d like to possibly keep our current shade of blue, but would be open to seeing new blues and/or multi-color designs.
(logo/blue on




  Note: We'd like the tag line to be easy to remove for some purposes.
Please keep ESP in lowercase.
Visit our website to understand who we are.
The letters ESP could be logo on their own, but we are open to an abstract mark if it will enhance the concept of the logo.
Please see our last two logos. The blocks in our current logo make it difficult to work into other designs (branded materials, our email signatures, etc.) We are looking for something simpler, and more up to date. We like that the current letters have some interest, but want to be sure it is clear that the letters are ESP.


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our current logo



our previous logo